This tool allows you to find details about openSUSE packages (e.g. maintainer and development project)
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found bash-5.0.0-r0 in alpinelinux ;
found bash-5.0.002 in archlinux ;
found bash-4.2.46 in centos ;
found bash-5.0 in debian ;
found bash-5.0.2 in fedora ;
found bash-5.0_p3 in gentoo ;
found bash-4.4.12 in guix ;
found bash-4.4 in mageia ;
found bash-4.4-p23 in nixos ;
found bash-4.4 in opensuse ;
found bash-5.0.003 in slackware ;
found bash-5.0 in ubuntu ;
found bash-5.0.003 in voidlinux ;

Path: /bin/bash
Provides: bash
Binary-Package: bash
Source-Package: bash 4.4 changes
devel-project: Base:System


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